HGH Infrared Systems present their latest Thermal sensors’ innovations for the Defence Industry at MSPO 2018

September 4th, Kielce, Poland– After a great success at Eurosatory 2018, HGH Infrared Systems continue their technological innovations tour in Poland at MSPO 2018. The company recently launched new technologies to support the modernization of the Defence industry: CYCLOPE 5.0, the Tracking in Staring mode feature and the highly awarded V-LRF option.

The 360° thermal sensors SPYNEL-C and SPYNEL-M, respectively used for FOB protection and by special forces, will be presented at the show: SPYNEL-C, one of HGH’s key products which has proven its worth in various defence applications, is continuously improved with the latest software innovations. The five SPYNEL models never stop evolving, to suit the users’ growing needs and to support the modernization of the Defence industry.

One of the biggest innovations presented at MSPO is CYCLOPE 5.0’s Alarm Management Module, enabling to automatically distinguish between a threat and an authorized intrusion, by analyzing the behavior of the target.  In the event of a confirmed threat, SPYNEL’s integrated software CYCLOPE 5.0 automatically alerts the hypervisor, creates a visual alarm, sends an email or even a screenshot to the user.

Another showcased innovation is the Automatic tracking in Staring Mode feature: the CYCLOPE software can now automatically track a threat in real time in staring mode, without requiring any manual intervention. When the sensor stops rotating to stare at the detected threat, the operator only has to click on the specific target to launch the automatic tracking.

HGH will also present the highly awarded V-LRF option for Spynel-X and Spynel-S, which consists in adding a Visible Channel and/or a Laser Range Finder to the sensor for a better recognition !

Charlotte Pantel, Sales Representative of HGH Infrared Systems in Europe, said:  « We are very happy to be back at MSPO and to showcase our latest innovations for Defence applications. 2018 has been full of innovations for SPYNEL so far, and such a tradeshow is the perfect way to make them known. We believe that listening to our clients’ needs is the best way to continually challenge ourselves to develop the best technologies. »

HGH Infrared Systems will exhibit booth G18 at the 25th International Defence Industry exhibition in Kielce, Poland.

For more information, visit: www.hgh-infrared.com

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