October 2018 - Test & Measurement



A Fully Autonomous Blackbody Controller Integrating a Novel Exclusive Room Temperature Compensation Calibration!



Do you think using a Blackbody is easy because the emissive surface gets quickly stabilized at the defined setpoint?  


Sure thing ! BUT...


The signification of this displayed temperature may be ambiguous especially if the operator is expecting this temperature to be what the sensor actually sees. 


No more misinterpretation of results with our brand new generation of Blackbody controllers! 


The New Blackbody Controller clearly displays the true temperature that your infrared sensor captures, whatever the ambient temperature.

The compensation method of the ambient temperature integrated into this new controller makes the HGH Blackbodies TRUE IR Reference Sources, whatever the operating conditions 

In addition to simplifying the calculation, it strongly reduces the sources of error which might be of several tenth of degrees even for high emissivity coatings!

Become 100% confident in your IR sensor calibration  thanks to the integrated room temperature compensation, whatever the operating conditions! Want to learn more?


- No more calculation from the operator;

- No more misinterpretation of results;

The use of Blackbodies in climatic chambers is simplified and more accurate than ever!

INFRATEST is a powerful software developed by HGH for testing visible, NIR & IR cameras, ICCDs, goggles and laser rangefinders.

The universal INFRATEST software includes the most extensive test routines for a full and simple characterization of the camera performances. LEARN + !