VGI 150

Low-cost cameras are being used in many applications including surveillance, cell phones and automotive. When reducing cost, there is a risk that the performance is degraded especially in response to stray light entering the camera’s lens. Poor quality coatings and materials can result in a camera system that is susceptible to glare that reduces image quality. A simple, small, quick check will ensure quality control of these cameras. The Veiling Glare Index Test is a measurement of the image obscuring light scatter in a lens system done by determining the contrast between black and white target areas. The availability of the VGI test with VGI 150 in a small, affordable platform will drive the consistency and higher performance of the low-cost cameras we are increasingly reliant on for backing up our cars and taking selfies with our phones. 

VGI 150 Brochure

The VGI-150 provides a high contrast (>1000:1) controlled black target surrounded by white light entering the lens at glancing angles. The VGI-150 Test System is an innovative, unique design utilizing a sphere within a sphere to keep the overall size to less than 0.5 m diameter. There are two detectors, one to measure the dark target sphere and one for the white light level in the outer sphere (up to 70,000 cd/m2). X-Y and Azimuth stages are included for the camera system to be adjusted for incoming glancing angles. 

VGI-150 requires only 12.5% of the volume to perform Veiling Glare Index measurements per ISO 9358 compared to the large spheres described in the standard. The small footprint allows for easy deployment on a production line and is lower cost overall. The new design has additional benefits of 180° orientation of the off-axis glancing light angles. The instrument has adjustable light levels and continuous monitoring of the black and white targets so the contrast level is a known ratio at the time the measurements are made.

The VGI-150 utilizes the same proven lamp power supplies and feedback detectors as HGH’s highly stable (±0.2%) Integrating Sphere product line. 


  • Image capture hardware and software available 
  • HGH software processes images per ISO standard 9358
  • Small footprint contributes to easy deployment and lower overal cost 
VGI-150 Veiling Glare Test Set