HGH expands its brand name Worldwide

2019.03.25 12:46 pm

HGH Infrared Systems, the expert in electro-optics and thermal technologies for civil, defence and industrial applications is developing its brand image and communication strategy to better reflect its position as a global leader in the optronics market.


The decision to harmonize the HGH brand worldwide aims at strengthening the company's identity, while reassuring our customers on the reliability and quality of the offer. Asia Infrared Systems, HGH’s subsidiary in Singapore, and Electro Optical Industries, HGH's subsidiary in the U.S., will benefit from this rebranding, bearing the HGH identity.

Why HGH?

For a few years now, our products have been covering the whole spectrum of light, from Visible to IR. We are no longer experts in infrared technologies ONLY, we are experts in electro optics.

A more general brand name like "HGH" is better suited for a broader expertise!

What will be the consequences on my customer experience?

None! You will continue to browse the same website, keep the same contact points, your software and products will remain compatible with all our new features, their design and manufacturing location will remain unchanged.

Keep in mind that our priority is and always will be the quality of our products and customer service.