We offer standard and personalized training courses on all our products, to meet the requirements of our customers.

We value our customers.

HGH Infrared Systems was founded 35 years ago by experts in electro optics to take on custom optronic projects. With this extensive background, our specialized engineers in optics, mechanics, electronics and software can now share their experiences with our clients through our training sessions.

As a passionate team, we love sharing our knowledge and skills, and in return learning more about applications and our customers' projects. All of our training courses are given by our highly experienced engineers, dedicated to promoting best practices across the industry.

...Our customers are satisfied.

"The HGH team has always been highly reactive, always paying attention to our needs and recommendations. We learned how to get the most from the software to cover our specific needs" Pascal Grenot, about the SPYNEL training

Ask for your personalized training session!

If you are using one of our products, you can at all times ask for a standard or personalized training session on the hardware and/or software in order to get the most out of it ! Please fill out the form in a click !

If you need further information or help please contact us directly.