Test and Measurement

Infrared Testing equipment

Since 1982, HGH Infrared Systems has provided leading-edge IR test equipments, to universities, research labs, manufacturers and test centres around the world. Beyond the quest for technical excellence, we strive to offer a complete metrology service to our customers, by sharing our experience and best practices, proposing consultancy, training, and personalised commissioning for our integrated solutions.

  • Blackbodies

    Reference IR sources

    Blackbodies are reference sources used for testing infrared systems. They are required in industries for calibration of pyrometers, infrared line scanners or cameras. In laboratories, they are part of test benches for characterisation of complex optronic systems. 

  • Integrating Spheres

    UV-Vis-SWIR Integrating Spheres

    HGH's integrating spheres set the standard for stability and ease of use. With capability to cover the UV-Vis-SWIR spectrums, whether you want to measure total flux output or create a source of uniform radiance, we are confident we have a product to meet your needs.

  • Electro-Optical test software

    Universal & Easy-To-Use Test Solution

    INFRATEST is a powerful software for testing visible, NIR and IR cameras, ICCDs, goggles and laser rangefinders.

  • Collimators

    Off-axis collimators and universal test bench

    The IRCOL and LICOL projectors are collimators consisting of an off-axis parabolic mirror and a plane folding mirror. 

    COPI is an universal bench designed to replace the multitude of specific maintenance tools by a single and polyvalent optronic test system.

  • BIRD - Universal Electro-Optic Test Bench For IR Detectors

    Calibration and test of IRFPA detectors:

    • Noise tests: fixed pattern noise, temporal noise, NETD responsivity, detectivity, 3D-noise, 2D-detectivity,
    • Dynamic range, linearity,
    • Non-uniformity correction,
    • Bad pixel localisation,
    • Spectral response,
    • Crosstalk, MTF.