Get Trained on Spynel & Cyclope software

HGH offers a comprehensive training program to its Spynel sensor customers. Spynel IR cameras allow automatic detection, tracking and identification of any intrusion over 360° for unprecedented wide area surveillance. Analyzing in real-time the panoramic video stream captured by Spynel, Cyclope software is constantly evolving, offering new advanced features. 

Stay up-to-date with the latest Cyclope features, including automatic detection, tracking and identification, recording and replay of videos, multi-sensor data fusion, external sensor control and integration into a Third Party software (VMS, CMS, C2...).


Improve your skills and operations in wide area surveillance! Register now for our Spynel & Cyclope training courses.





Be operational to use Cyclope, to set parameters for automatic detection and tracking, to install and/or to integrate Spynel for your fixed or mobile surveillance applications.



Operators, security managers, security staff, soldiers, developers, network administrators, integrators etc



Spynel/Cyclope training courses are performed by our experienced engineers who will teach you the best practices related to your security application. What you will learn:

  • Install the Spynel sensor used for the panoramic surveillance
  • Define the best set up for your ground/air/maritime application
  • Interpret data and troubleshoot issues
  • Learn about operational tips and settings

At the end of the training, you use Cyclope with maximum autonomy and efficiency in your surveillance operations.


  • Customized training according to specific customer’s needs
  • 3 levels of training sessions to support advanced, intermediate and entry-level users
  • Include an hourly package of remote technical assistance

TRAINER: HGH’s experienced support engineers specialized in passive security solutions

DURATION: 2 days. It can be extended according to the need of the customer.

WHERE: HGH can provide training both in-house at our worldwide HGH offices or at your site.


Please, complete an enquiry form specifying your requirements.