Integrating Spheres

The HGH integrating sphere sources are an international reference in terms of reliability and ease of use. They cover the UV, Visible and SWIR spectra and are adapted to all your testing needs for your electro-optical systems, thanks to their their uniform, calibrated and ultra stable radiation.

Integrating spheres

ISV brochure

Key features and benefits:


ISV sources are designed for the calibration and testing of cameras and sensors such as night vision devices (NVDs), image intensifier cameras, radiometers, UV-vision enhancement systems, focal plane arrays and optical detectors.

They include a control loop based on optical reading, which acts on an iris attenuator. Thanks to this method and other features, our ISV sources have many benefits :


  • Precise selection of luminance levels
  • Unparalleled temporal stability of radiation to test the most sensitive sensors
  • Calibrated and constant colour temperature
  • High uniformity
  • Very simple to use

All integrating spheres are supplied with NIST traceable calibration.

To go further with our Integrating Spheres:

Thanks to our expertise in integrating spheres, HGH has developed specific testing procedures perfectly adapted to particular electro-optic systems:

  • NV-2500 : A compact field solution for the test and maintenance of NVDs.
  • Measuring the Veiling Glare Index of your camera is easier than ever with the VGI150.
  • VIP50 : A compact and calibrated optical projector designed to test systems equipped with eyepiece sighting
NV-2500 VGI-150