IRCOL 600/6000 : The largest collimator to test very long focal length cameras

Our IRCOL collimators are designed for the characterization and the performance validation of visible cameras, IR cameras, night vision cameras, goggles, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR imagers or even laser rangefinders. The IRCOL 600/6000 is the largest test bench to test very long focal length Infrared and Visible cameras. 

IRCOL Brochure

Thanks to its easy-selectable blackbody source and sphere based visible source and its motorized target wheel, this target projector simulates patterns and calibrated radiations at infinity for the test of the most demanding long range visible and thermal imagers. As well as any other HGH IRCOL collimators, the IRCOL600/6000 is configurable to include the exclusive alignment module allowing the accurate measurement of the multi-channel sensor axes harmonization.

An electro-optical testing system with unequalled level of performance, in response to the market demand:


We achieved a major challenge developing and manufacturing the largest collimator on the market, allowing to: 

- Test very long focal length visible & infrared cameras;

- Simulate spatial frequencies up to 50 cy/mrad;

- Evaluate performances of wide aperture cameras or multi spectral sensors.

The IRCOL 600/6000 is suitable with the most effective electro-optical systems on the market, with the highest resolution.



- Clear optical aperture: 600mm

- Focal length: 6m

- Compact: <4m long

- Diffraction-limited on axis

- Remotely driven by the INFRATEST software,

- Includes a DCN1000 blackbody and an ISV integrating sphere to cover  broadband applications,

- Autonomous and rugged mechanical structure

A robust quality system:


According to Catherine Barrat, Head of Test & Measurement at HGH Infrared Systems, "The unit is made of very high quality optical components, with exceptional sizes and weights: our technical team has successfully completed the challenge of integrating them, imparting excellent optical properties to a rather compact structure."

Such quality components must be handled with care: This collimator is not only the largest on the market of very long focal length camera testing, it also has the most robust mechanical structure. Optical components are secured, and an optimal protection for shipment is ensured.