Dual PCN Blackbodies for production lines

Designed specifically for production lines of thermal cameras, IR cores and IR sensors, the PCN blackbody family are the first low temperature IR reference sources fully compatible with industrial constraints while offering the performance level of laboratory sources.


rackable controller with a user-friendly interface simultaneously drives the temperature of two independent emissive heads. The emissive heads are compact and easily integrated in product lines, and contrary to other similar products available on the market, they are are compatible with a wide range of environment temperatures, even with climatic chambers operation!


Key Features

  • High thermal uniformity
  • Compact emissive heads
  • International primary traceable certificate
  • Radiometric calibration
  • Easy mechanical and software integration

Main Applications

  • Uncooled IR cores
  • IR Thermal cameras for surveillance and security
  • Thermal sensors for mobile phones
  • IR thermometers for human body measurement

Remote & Intuitive Control

  • Remote control via Ethernet link
    PCN controller-zoom
  • Real-time display of temperature data
  • Intuitive color interface
  • Touchscreen panel
  • Infratest - LT control software




Technical Specifications: 



Did you know? 

PCN sources are delivered with a radiometric calibration certificate traceable to International Primary Standards for reliable and accurate calibration and measurements such as non-uniformity correction, bad pixels location, noise level and NETD calculation.