HGH's Blackbodies

A complete range of reference infrared sources

HGH offers a wide range of blackbodies to cover all Customers’ needs:

  • DCN1000 Low temperature blackbodies, with large emissive areas, for characterization of infrared system performances
  • ECN100 High temperature extended area blackbodies for field tests and calibration without collimator 
  • RCN High temperature cavity blackbodies for calibration of infrared sensors
  • TwiN1000 double extended area blackbodies, for applications requiring fast switching between temperatures
  • Vacuum blackbody series, cryogenic temperature blackbodies for space borne systems testing

All types of Blackbodies are now available with the unique & advanced generation of electronic controllers, launched by HGH in 2017!

In addition, HGH has the ability to design specific infrared sources on request.

In many cases, blackbodies are used to test targets/target wheels and incorporated into infrared collimators (IRCOL).

To choose a blackbody according to your needs, please follow this link.