Test and Measurement

Infrared Testing equipment

Since 1982, HGH Infrared Systems has provided leading-edge IR test equipment, to universities, research labs, manufacturers and test centres around the world. HGH’s Test and Measurement offerings encompass Blackbodies and Integrating Sphere based visible sources, multispectral collimators and software for Electro Optical systems testing, Focal Plane Arrays test benches and testing systems for NVDs or visible cameras.

HGH recently developed and launched the most advanced generation of Blackbody electronic controllersachieving an unequalled performance level.

Beyond the quest for technical excellence, we strive to offer a complete metrology service to our customers, by sharing our experience and best practices, proposing consultancy, training, and personalised commissioning for our integrated solutions.

  • Night Vision Test Sets

    HGH Infrared Systems's Night Vision Test sets are the new standard for digital night vision goggle testing! Discover the NV-2500 and NV-2020 to test autonomously your night vision pool goggles.

  • OPAL Field Test Bench

    The OPAL collimator is a compact and versatile portable test bench enabling the maintenance in the field of many electro optics devices such as night vision goggles, visible to IR cameras and lasers.

  • VGI 150

    Low-cost cameras are being used in many applications including surveillance, cell phones and automotive. When reducing cost, there is a risk that the performance is degraded especially in response to stray light entering the camera’s lens. Poor quality coatings and materials can result in a camera system that is susceptible to glare that reduces image quality. A simple, small, quick check will ensure quality control of these cameras. The Veiling Glare Index Test is a measurement of the image obscuring light scatter in a lens system done by determining the contrast between black and white target areas. The availability of the VGI test with VGI 150 in a small, affordable platform will drive the consistency and higher performance of the low-cost cameras we are increasingly reliant on for backing up our cars and taking selfies with our phones.