Spynel-X InfraRed Search & Track

  • Cooled Mid-Wave InfraRed (MWIR) sensor
  • Panoramic images with up to 120 Mpix
  • Human detection range*: up to 8 km

* Visit our FAQ for more info on Detection, Recognition, Identification Ranges


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Spynel-X long-range panoramic surveillance

The InfraRed Search & Track System with the highest definition in the World!


Spynel-X is the Infrared Search & Track (IRST) with the best image resolution and the longest detection range on the market. It captures full 360° images in real-time with unparalleled resolution of 120 Mpix!

Your passive wide-area surveillance system Spynel-X ensures unprecedented real-time security against conventional and asymmetric threats. It gathers the latest innovations in thermal sensing into a field-proven and solid mechanical design. The Spynel-X infrared camera reveals the highest performance in its category: one single IR sensor can provide 24/7 early human intrusion detections over a 16km-diameter area. This 360° thermal sensor can thus replace up to 90 HD MWIR cameras on its own!

Long-Range Automatic Detection, Recognition and Identification


Equipped with our Cyclope advanced threat detection software, the 360° IR sensor allows early target discrimination over extremely wide areas, at night, during the day, whatever the weather, even when there is fog or smoke. An unlimited number of tracks are simultaneously detected and identified thanks to images of high definition. No exception is made for hardly detectable threats like swimmers, RIBs, low altitude air targets, UAVs or stealth aircrafts. SPYNEL-X is the topmost solution for wide area surveillance, continuous perimeter security and critical infrastructure protection. Our panoramic thermal sensor is used all around the world for FOBs protection, to secure air and navy bases, but also ships, oil & gas infrastructures, ports, airports, borders...

Automatic search & track of multiple intrusions

Spynel-X's Main Benefits:

  • Highest-performing Spynel series thermal sensor
  • Reliable & cost effective surveillance system
  • Long-range surveillance up to the horizon
  • Full 360° coverage with one single sensor
  • Day & night panoramic surveillance whatever the weather
  • Automatic tracking of all threats with very good image quality, simultaneously
  • Fast deployment: compact, solid and lightweight equipment
  • Undetectable system (fully passive)

Main Applications of the IR Sensor:

  • Persistent wide area surveillance
  • 24/7 perimeter security
  • Detection of asymmetrical threats over 360°
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Airport and airfield surveillance
  • Forward Operating Bases protection
  • UAV tracking
  • Passive surveillance of borders and coasts 
  • Self-protection of ships
  • Fight against piracy, papparazzi and smuggling


Discover the V-LRF option for Spynel-X:


Your infrared sensor can now be equipped with a visible camera, Laser Range Finder, or both! These options are integrated into one single sensor head: the visible channel is aligned with the IR camera and the Laser Range Finder. It allows them to operate simultaneously!

Why should I ask for the V-LRF option?

  • For an unparalelled threat identification system with no blind spot
  • For a solution as compact and easy to use as Spynel-X without V-LRF
  • To take advantage of detection, recognition, tracking & identification on one single Cyclope interface!

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Sea-Proven IRST Solution with SPYNEL-X:

For the self-protection of your Warship, two SPYNEL-X sensors can be fixed on either side of the mast, or on the bow and stern of the vessel, creating a 360° protective bubble without blind sector.

Key features: 

  • Fully passive 360° Detection & Tracking
  • Self-protection against air/surface asymmetric threats
  • Quick reaction time
  • Enhanced situational awareness
  • No blind sector
  • Automatic target identification and classification
  • Integration in your Combat Management System
  • Highly stabilized system