Spynel-S Panoramic Detection System

  • Cooled Mid-Wave InfraRed (MWIR) sensor
  • Panoramic images with up to 30 Mpix
  • Human detection range*: up to 6 km

*Visit our FAQ for more info on Detection, Recognition, Identification Ranges

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Are you well prepared for asymmetric threats?


Spynel-S Wide Area Surveillance system

HGH Infrared Systems' wide area surveillance systems Spynel are a cutting-edge technology for perimeter security monitoring. With Spynel-S, you will benefit from a cooled Mid-Wave InfraRed (MWIR) focal plane array of high performance, particularly in warm and humid areas.

Continuously rotating at up to 1 revolution/sec for a 360° azimuth coverage, Spynel-S will capture 30 Mpix images in real time! Thanks to the thermal sensor's high-resolution images, targets of any size or type will be detected & recognized automatically: the 360° Infrared camera is far more sensitive and convenient than any radar. With its panoramic view, Spynel-S can also detect and track multiple intrusions at the same time, even if they are coming from different directions. This is not the case of  PTZ cameras, which have a limited field-of-view.

The perfect combination for advanced intrusion detection:


Spynel & Cyclope Software

In order to get the best of your Spynel infrared sensor, you will need the Cyclope software that comes with it. Cyclope is compatible with Windows based PCs and works with multiple screen outputs and user-friendly touch screens. With Cyclope, you will get a real time panoramic display at a glance, thanks to a 360° strip and three views : annular, radar and zoom. Cyclope software also provides unlimited targets discrimination and tracking, as well as immediate threat location (azimuth, elevation, distance).

Cyclope also features :

- GPS, AIS and radar data integration,

- Automatic control of PTZ systems for target identification,

- Forensic capabilities (timeline, sequence storage and playback),

- Spatial and temporal bookmarks,

- Display of multiple threats on situation map,

- Image stabilization 

- Etc.

Cyclope - target tracking software

What are the main benefits of this IR sensor?

  • 360° in azimuth coverage
  • Real time and simultaneous visualization, detection & tracking of multiple intrusions 
  • Less cameras required : one Spynel-S is enough to protect wide areas
  • Day & night vision (even in total darkness!)
  • Improved vision through fog and smoke
  • No optical distortion in panoramic image
  • Undetectable (fully passive)
  • Targets detected and tracked automatically
  • Easy to set up and to use!

What are the main applications for Spynel-S? 

  • Persistent wide area surveillance
  • Non-stop perimeter security, 24/7
  • Asymmetric threats detection over 360°
  • UAV, USV, low air target tracking
  • Border and coastal surveillance (fully passive)
  • Ships auto-protection
  • Fight against piracy, paparazzi & smuggling
  • Night time navigation
  • Search & rescue


Discover the V-LRF option, compatible with Spynel-S:

You can now equip Spynel-S with a visible channel and a Laser Range Finder. These options are fully integrated into one single sensor head: the visible camera is aligned with the infrared camera and the Laser Range Finder, allowing them to operate simultaneously!

What are the main benefits?

  • A better threat identification system: absolutely no blind spot
  • A compact and easy to use solution
  • One single interface: detection, recognition, tracking & identification on one single screen with Cyclope!