Spynel-M: Infrared Radar to detect intrusions

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Cutting-edge 360° IR surveillance system: compact, lightweight, reliable: 


Spynel-M is a cost-effective, solid & compact solution for wide area surveillance. This cutting-edge IR sensor benefits from 15 years of expertise in major security projects! Its dimensions ? Less than 12x20 cm, and weight of only 1.8 kg. As compact as it may be, Spynel-M is not less reliable : Spynel-M is a high-resolution 360° thermal camera, acting as an infrared radar. Capturing 24/7 full panoramic infrared images every second, it offers real-time security against any type of threats, conventional and asymmetrical, including hardly detectable targets (UAVs, RIBs, swimmers...)

Critical infrastructure security, with one single sensor!


Did you know that one single Spynel-M camera can perform 24/7 early human intrusion alerts over a 1.5 km-diameter area? It means it can replace 16 traditional cameras over 360°!

Easily transportable, Spynel-M can be carried in a backpack and then deployed very quickly at the top of a building or on a mast. The sensor requires 5 watts of power only, but can also work with solar/ alternate power supply systems. This is very convenient for a remote operation! Spynel-M does not need additional light source: it is indeed entirely passive, and it cannot be jammed. The newest member of the Spynel family operates with Cyclope, your advanced intrusion detection software, which tracks and detects multiple targets coming from any direction, in daylight or total darkness, and under any type of weather conditions.


Why choose Spynel-M ?

  • Cost-effective, low power consumption & reliable
  • Full Panoramic coverage : only one sensor needed!
  • Day & night 360° scrutiny
  • High resolution images whatever the weather
  • Flexible and easy to configure
  • Automatic tracking of all targets/ threats
  • Compact & lightweight: fast deployment and installation
  • Fully passive, undetectable
  • No need for maintenance




2019-04-19_kit mobilité Sp-M 3

HGH recently launched SPYNEL-M’s new "Mobile Deployment Kit". The kit includes :

  • A military battery enabling autonomy for 6 hours in operation,
  • A rugged tablet
  • A WiFi connection

BENEFITS: With this innovative Kit, the soldiers directly receive alerts on their rugged tablet via a wireless link. It allows them to be mobile and to be assigned to other functions in parallel. Another strong point is the low bandwidth, which allows access to the camera from one or several remote control centers.