Spynel-C Panoramic Thermal Camera

  • LWIR: Cooled Long-Wave InfraRed sensor
  • 360° images with 12 Mpix
  • Human detection range: up to 3 km 

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With Spynel-C, detect intrusions over 360°, anywhere, anytime!

Wide Area Security with Spynel-C

The 360° thermal sensor Spynel-C is a cutting-edge surveillance system providing with real-time panoramic images with automatic intrusion detection and tracking capabilities. You will benefit from a powerful situational awareness, with a 360° visualization of the surroundings. Spynel-C is totally passive, which means intruders cannot see it, it is not vulnerable to camouflage or jamming. The infrared sensor operates 24/7, in good or bad weather.

React fast thanks to Spynel-C's early target discrimination:


Not only is Spynel-C both compact and solid, it can also be deployed quickly to perform multi events detection over very large areas. Be it in total darkness, in a fog, or when there is smoke, your Spynel sensor will detect & recognize an unlimited number of tracks, provifing high resolution images. The thermal sensor is able to track hardly detectable threats, like small, slow or tangential moving targets. Cost effective and reliable, your Infrared Camera Spynel-C can be used as a standalone perimeter security solution or combined with systems already in place.

Situation awareness with Spynel-C

What are the IR sensor's key benefits?

  • Spynel-C is a cost effective and reliable surveillance system to fight asymmetric threats
  • It offers a full panoramic coverage with a single sensor
  • Its technology allows a very long range surveillance, up to the horizon
  • It is less sensitive to sun glints
  • The 360° surveillance system operates day & night, whatever the weather
  • All threats are tracked automatically & simultaneously, with superior image quality
  • Solid, compact and lightweight equipment for a fast deployment
  • The system is fully passive, and therefore undetectable (unlike a radar)!

Main applications:  

  • Persistent wide area surveillance
  • Perimeter security, 24/7
  • Asymmetrical threats detection over 360°
  • Surveillance of airports, airfields
  • Protection of critical infrastructure
  • Surveillance of Forward Operating Bases
  • UAV tracking
  • Border & coastal surveillance (fully passive)
  • Protection of ships, yachts
  • Fight against piracy, against smuggling or paparazzi