HGH products portfolio

Innovation and quest for excellence have been driving the development of our products. Discover our range of panoramic cameras, thermal scanners, infrared sources and test benches, spread over the three following sectors.

  • Optronics for Security

    Wide area surveillance systems for critical site protection

    Spynel sensors are panoramic IR cameras, acting as fully passive infrared radars, to detect and track all intrusions, over 360 degrees, up to the horizon. It is the ultimate solution for 24/7 situational awareness and critical infrastructure protection. They provide more than perimeter security as they track all type of targets far beyond fence limits.

  • Thermography for Industry

    IR scanners for kiln shell temperature monitoring

    Kilnscan provides an accurate thermal map of kiln shell, warns on falling brick or coating losses at the earliest, and gives indicators on medium-term kiln fatigue, in order to help in setting up maintenance program.

    Thermal cameras for industrial burner inspection

    Pyroscan provides HD images and temperature measurement of flame front inside industrial burners and boilers.

  • Test and Measurement

    Supplier of blackbodies and electro-optical test equipment

    As a specialist in IR technologies since 1982, HGH manufactures high-end infrared reference sources, called blackbodies, with the highest emissivity, uniformity and stability over a wide temperature range. HGH also provides versatile test benches, for a complete characterization of thermal sensors and infrared detection arrays, and infrared radiometers