New mobile situational awareness solution

09/13/2012 08:55 am

SRI International Sarnoff and HGH Infrared Systems launched a new mobile situational awareness solution at the ASIS International tradeshow for the security industry. The mobile solution consists of SRI Sarnoff’s View 360 and HGH Infrared System’s Spynel-C. The system can easily be installed in less than four hours on a vehicle roof hatch, compared to days or weeks it typically takes to install distributed camera systems.

SRI Sarnoff’s View 360 is a long-range, high-resolution, persistent 360, situational awareness system. It has full resolution and 360-degree recording. Users can record while viewing and continue recording while playing back. Other View 360 features include moving target indication, multiple targets, and target recognition, detection, and tracking. The View 360 kit includes hardware, mounting, software, screen, PC, and training.

HGH Infrared Systems’ Spynel Camera is a real-time, high resolution, thermal imaging system for full panoramic surveillance and intrusion detection of an unlimited number of threats. It offers instantaneous, long-range, wide-area, high-resolution, thermal imaging during the day or at night, and powerful algorithms for unprecedented intrusion detection and tracking capabilities. Applications include force protection, anti-piracy for surface ships and littoral combat ships, border protection, critical infrastructure perimeter surveillance and mobile surveillance.

The demonstration at ASIS highlighted the many applications for using a mobile solution for situational awareness. The solution provides a high-resolution, 12-megapixel, panoramic image using Spynel-C and easy interface through the View 360 touchscreen high-definition ruggedized display and computing system. The display integrates the detection and tracking capabilities of Spynel with a context aware interface fully designed for mobile applications. The View 360 software also provides forensic capabilities. For example, during reconnaissance missions the surroundings can be fully recorded and replayed at a later time for analysis.

Recently, HGH Infrared Systems and SRI Sarnoff demonstrated the mobile situational awareness solution at the Tactical Network Testbed (TNT) experimentation events organized by the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) in cooperation with the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) at Camp Roberts, Calif. The Spynel-C was mounted on a Humvee vehicle equipped with SRI Sarnoff’s View 360 kit for situational awareness.