Infratest LT - Blackbody control and management software

03/20/2014 01:04 pm

New blackbody management software INFRATEST LT

For 30 years, HGH has designed and manufactured infrared reference sources, called blackbodies, for all applications of infrared sensor characterization. The range includes: low temperature extended area blackbodies, differential and absolute infrared reference sources, high temperature extended area blackbodies and cavity blackbodies with extended temperature range.

Each of these blackbodies is equipped with the new blackbody management software INFRATEST LT.

INFRATEST LT screenshot

Connected to the network via Ethernet, serial, or parallel link, Infratest LT automatically detects all blackbodies on the network and is able to simultaneously display all data from several blackbodies, whatever the model. User-friendly, Infratest-LT allows the user to send a set-point, enabling one to read the temperature values in real-time and determine if the source is stabilized. All temperature data can easily be exported. It is also a secure tool for configuring blackbodies, and it contributes to expand the source lifetime, with a clear management of calibration cycles.