HGH Infrared Systems paves the way towards a brand new generation of electro-optical testing devices at SPIE Defence + Security

09/04/2017 08:03 am

HGH to reveal a groundbreaking new generation of blackbody controllers, along with the new standard for night vision goggle testing

At SPIE Security + Defence 2017 (Sept 12-13th, Warsaw), HGH Infrared Systems will launch their groundbreaking & brand new electronic controller for blackbodies, along with the NV-2500, the new standard for night vision goggle testing.

In order to meet and anticipate the needs of the IR sensors market, and keeping in mind the importance of the human-machine interface in the maintenance and testing of electro-optical devices, HGH Infrared Systems imagined and developed an advanced generation of blackbody controllers. The company decided to present its many features at SPIE Security + Defence 2017, including : improved ergonomics and a modern design; enhanced communication abilities with the blackbody - now at the core of the IR camera testing system ; never-seen-before accuracy and stability for years to come.

"HGH Infrared Systems is ready for years to come for the upcoming generation of infrared sensors!’’ said Catherine Barrat, Head of the Test & Measurement Department at HGH Infrared Systems. Thierry Campos, CEO, added "It is a turning point in the Test & Measurement activity at HGH, which will deeply contribute to its growth. It is also proof that the innovative spirit of the firm is a priority’’.


At SPIE Defence + Security 2017, HGH will also showcase the NV-2500, the new standard for night vision goggle testing (monocular or binocular systems). The NV-2500 provides automated testing of all standard NVG tests with unparalleled accuracy and operator ease of use.

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