HGH Infrared Systems accelerates its expansion

06/20/2016 08:00 am

HGH Infrared Systems, American subsidiary of HGH Systemes Infrarouges (HGH), based in Boston, in Massachusetts, just acquired Electro Optical Industries (EOI), based in Santa Barbara, in California.

The new entity will be named Electro Optical Industries Inc.

EOI, a world pioneer of electro-optics test instruments, has been a provider of the highest quality, best performing infrared, visible, and ultra violet testing and calibration equipment since 1964. EOI’s instrumentation is used by national and international industries including aviation and aerospace, high tech laboratories, government, imaging system manufacturers, medical research, and all branches of the United States Department of Defense.

HGH is an innovative company specialized in infrared technology through the development of multiple advanced sensors. It offers three product lines: electro-optics and infrared test equipment, thermographic cameras for process control monitoring and infrared wide area surveillance systems for protection of critical infrastructures. HGH’s innovations have been awarded numerous international prizes. Its customers include a wide range of public and private companies, R&D laboratories and government agencies.

Commenting on the transaction, Thierry Campos, President of the newly formed Electro Optical Industries Inc said:

“This merger will greatly enhance our development and manufacturing capabilities in the USA. It will also significantly extend our product line and service offerings to the benefit of our customers worldwide. We are very excited by this historic move which will add to our rapid expansion and will position our group as a world leader in infrared instruments and wide area surveillance systems."