Introducing the Oil & Gas rigs thermal security solution SPYNEL

Our SPYNEL panoramic wide area surveillance cameras are used to protect onshore and offshore platforms against multiple threats coming from the open sea or isolated areas. Oil & Gas rigs face many security challenges, all addressed by SPYNEL thanks to its real-time panoramic video.

The Challenges of Onshore sites & Offshore platforms Security

Oil and gas rigs are located in remote areas, making their protection difficult. Harsh weather, extreme temperatures, vibrations, flammable liquids or gasses, are other barriers to safety and security requirements.

Among other challenges:

  • Need for a passive, undetectable system
  • Miles of open waters or remote areas to secure
  • Need to detect all types of boats undetectable by radars
  • Real-time 365 days, 24/7 day and night scrutinity

The solution: SPYNEL 360° thermal sensor

oild gas platform

SPYNEL is a panoramic thermal camera providing real-time detection, tracking  and classification of any type of threat. Equipped with the CYCLOPE software, SPYNEL is able to distinguish a threat from an AIS-equipped vessel and bookmark different types of threats for an unparalled comprehensive understanding of the situation.

SPYNEL is integrated into your existing security system, sending alert streams and videos through ONVIF protocol to your VMS automatically. A quick decision making is possible as all the detected threats appear in real-time on your 360° thermal view, automatically triggering a series of defined actions: alarms, identification cameras, searchlight... The video recording and playback can serve as evidence in case of unwanted security issues.



HGH SPYNEL thermal camera includes the latest imaging technologies offering the best of detection, tracking, identification and classification for unprecedented protection of onshore & offshore facilities." 

Cyril Marchebout, Oil&Gas segment owner at HGH