November 2019 - The PYROSCAN Thermography camera addresses the challenges of your industrial applications


Measuring temperatures in furnaces, kilns, boilers and more generally combustion areas is known to be of paramount importance for many reasons: the processing temperature and in many cases temperature uniformity of the product is an indicator of its quality and compliance with specifications; monitoring the temperature of refractories or of structural elements of the installation effectively supports preventive maintenance actions; with the growing share of alternative sources in the fuel mix, monitoring flame temperature and shape may be needed to ensure process stability; flame temperature is in some cases an indicator of emissions…

The Main Challenges:

Single-point pyrometers have for long been used for contactless temperature measurement in high temperature processes. Although it has proven its effectiveness, this technology has significant drawbacks:

Only one measurement point or area is available, which may require the use of several units, and cooling systems;

- The aiming point of the instrument may be imperfectly known…


Our Solution:

To overcome these limitations, HGH has developed the high-resolution thermography camera PYROSCAN. Relying on the combined experience of HGH in the fields of infrared metrology, and design of ruggedized equipment, this system provides visible and high accuracy thermal imaging with outstanding robustness to operate in harsh environments.


What about the PYROSCAN Software?


Each one of the 1.2 million pixels in the PYROSCAN field of view is calibrated as an elementary pyrometer. The PYROSCAN software allows to easily combine these individual measurement points into an unlimited number of “areas of interest”, to measure the temperature exactly where it should be known. See for yourself:


The operators can view the whole scene for visual interpretation, and at the same time monitor temperatures at key locations in the process area.


Thanks to dedicated image processing functions, sharp details can be captured and emphasized using the PYROSCAN software: temperature data and trends can be displayed, recorded and transmitted to PLCs and control systems. This allows real-time closed-loop control of the process, with one single probe!


A Specific cutting-edge service for each customer


HGH support engineers are highly experienced and skilled in thermography. They can advise our Clients about how to make the best of the extensive and flexible data analysis toolbox included in the PYROSCAN software. Training and remote support are also offered to operators as needed.