June 2019 - Temporary Surveillance with the new Mobile Deployment Kit !


Do you need a light and compact surveillance system which can be deployed quickly for a temporary use?

HGH's fast deployment thermal sensors SPYNEL are entirely passive and undetectable. Lightweight, SPYNEL-M can be carried in a backpack and is rugged enough to operate under any weather condition. The new Mobile Deployment Kit takes SPYNEL to the next level!


What is the Mobile Deployment Kit?

Associated to SPYNEL-M, the kit includes:

  • battery enabling long-term autonomy and stand-alone operation
  • A wireless connection
  • A rugged tablet

What are the main benefits?

With this innovative Kit, the users directly receive alerts on their rugged tablet via a wireless link. It allows them to be mobile and to be assigned to other functions


A new mobile GUI for the CYCLOPE Software!

In addition to its low bandwidth, allowing an access to the 360° SPYNEL camera from one or several remote control centers, the CYCLOPE interface was upgraded to adapt to the touch tablet, thanks to an intuitive and ergonomic design!

Capture cyclope mode tablette

Main applications:

Rapidly deployable surveillance systems are often used for:

  • Special forces & police interventions
  • Mobile surveillance for border security
  • Public event monitoring
  • Construction sites surveillance
  • Oil & gas temporary exploration sites surveillance
  • VIP protection...

What fast deployment means to us: