January 2019 - Test & Measurement Newsletter


Coming with a large range of UPDATES for the test of your cameras and detectors, discover the #TOP 3 Best New Features in INFRATEST software answering the FAQ of our CUSTOMERS.


1. Wide Field of View Camera Testing Capabilities


What our customers ask "How can I test a wide FOV camera using a mirror based collimator?"

The new INFRATEST makes simple and accurate the test of parameters such as distortion and FOV and the measurement of MTF and MRTD at the edge of the FOVthanks to a very simple hardware configuration.

Assembled on a high precision motorized rotation stage, the orientation of the unit under test is automatically controlled by INFRATEST during the test procedures. Thanks to the combination of the high optical quality of our mirror based IRCOL collimators and the automatic management of the angle of sight of the camera under test, INFRATEST software provides accurate testing of very wide FOV cameras, even fish eyed, from visible to far IR spectral range.


2. Smart Control of Liquid Cooled Blackbodies


What our customers ask "For a given temperature of the blackbody surface, what fluid temperature should I select?"

INFRATEST software now includes a smart remote control of the temperature of DCN1000 blackbodiescooling fluid.

The software also automatically defines the most appropriate temperature of the fluid with respect to the temperature setpointof the emissive surface, saving time by changing the temperature of the fluid only when required. 


3. Background Temperature Simulation

What our customers ask "How can I calculate detection/recognition ranges for different environment temperatures?"


Temperature sensitivity test of thermal imagers frequently requires the adjustment of both background temperature and target temperature.

 While the simultaneous temperature control of several blackbodies is featured in INFRATEST for many years, the new version now takes into account the live measurement of the background temperature into the calculations of key functions such as MRTD thus extending the testing capabilities for the most demanding IR cameras. 

This background temperature is simulated by special targets reflecting a secondary blackbody radiation.



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