September 2018 - Industrial Thermography Newsletter


PYROSCAN For Tailor-Made Surveillance

At HGH Infrared Systems, we understand that your day-to-day concern is to optimise the efficiency of your process while preserving the environment. As technology experts, it is our role to provide high performance tools meeting your requirements.

For each project, installation and training phase, we work hand in hand to design a configuration tailored to your specific needsOur 3 models of PYROSCAN visual & thermal cameras combine real-time high resolution imagery with temperature measurements at any point of the burning zone inside boilers, furnaces, kilns or incinerators.

  • HDR thermal images from inside the kiln or cooler;
  • Highest spatial resolution of any comparable product on the market: 1,2M pixels, each behaving as individual pyrometers;
  • Efficient control of flame pattern and heat transfer;
  • Reliable temperature reading: minimized effect of dusty atmosphere
  • Flame shape monitoring with user-defined analysis lines
  • Video streaming over IP
  • Compatible with other specific interface like 4.30mA and MIM

Forward-looking Pyroscan:

Robust system developed to enter hot chambers and give the sharpest images, getting as close as possible to the flame;

- Water cooling provides unmatched robustness and stability;

Different lengths and orientations make it possible to adapt to various needs;

- A full set of security function, allowing its protection in all plants' operating modes.

E-pyroscan_Perspective 500mm_simu

Side-looking Pyroscan:

Same benefits and performances as the forward looking Pyroscan, but allows to see up to 90° from the insertion axis, providing great flexibility : Depending on the shape and configuration of your kiln or furnace, a forward-looking Pyroscan may not easily look at the area of interest. The side-looking Pyroscan will adapt to your infrastructure, whatever its configuration. 

Side-looking Pyroscan_2


-Compact, uncooled;

-Positioned outside the calcinating chamber, boilers, incinerators or reactors, looking through a standard window;

-Minimal infrastructure and hardware costs;

-Lightweight & flexible.