March 2017 - T&M

The VGI-150, Veiling Glare Index Tester, shines by performance

The veiling glare is stray light in optical systems caused by internal reflections between lens surfaces. This is an unwanted effect, leading to contrast degradation in the image. It can be mitigated by designing an appropriate lens coating. With production of low-cost cameras in ever larger quantities, some used for safety applications, such as collision avoidance systems in automotive design, the Veiling Glare Index Test becomes paramount.

The Veiling Glare Index Test, performed by the VGI-150, is the measurement of the light scatter in a lens system done by determining the contrast between black and white target areas. The VGI-150 provides a high contrast (>5000:1) black target hole surrounded by white light entering the lens at glancing angles. The VGI-150 Test System is an innovative, unique design utilizing a sphere within a sphere to keep the overall size to less than 0.5 m diameter. There are two detectors, one to measure the dark target and one for the white light level in the outer sphere (up to 70,000 cd/m2). VGI-150 requires only one eighth of the volume to perform Veiling Glare Index measurements per ISO 9358 compared to the large spheres described in the standard. The small footprint allows for easy deployment on a production line and helps lower costs overall.

Contact us for details about the VGI-150.

VGI-150 Veiling Glare Test Set
VGI-150 measures light scatter in lens systems

NV2500: the groundbreaking field portable night vision goggle test bench

The new standard for night vision goggle testing, the NV-2500 is designed to test night vision monocular or binocular systems and provides automated testing of all standard NVG tests with unparalleled accuracy and operator ease of use. From the built-in touchscreen users can view test results in real-time video including the exclusive resolution test for auto-gated tubes; no need for operators to strain their eyes looking through binoculars. The results can then be saved to a PDF file with the images and also can easily be downloaded to a USB storage device for transfer and print on any computer.

For more information about the NV2500, please download the brochure on HGH's website.

NV2500 Nigh Vision Goggle Test Set
NV2500 field portable night vision goggle test bench

HGH also manufactures high-end UV to SWIR reference sources

For more than 30 years, HGH Infrared Systems has been a global provider of leading edge infrared reference sources and test benches. With the acquisition of Electro Optical Industries, HGH now offers a complete range of reference sources to characterize and calibrate cameras and sensors such as night vision systems, image intensifier cameras, radiometers, UV-vision enhancement systems, focal plane arrays and optical detectors, over the 200 nm to 2500 nm spectrum.

The ISV series are integrating sphere sources, including the ISV210 and ISV410 standard models, which provide a stable and uniform optical stimuli, with an adjustable luminance from 1 to 85,000 cd/m2, on a NIST traceable color temperature of 2950 ± 25 K. The ISV410-UV model features a calibrated high level output over a spectral range from 200nm to 2000nm, while the ISV410-LL low light source emits radiance levels down to 10-11 W/, ideal for the characterization of light intensifier cameras.

Contact us for more details on ISV series or download the brochure on our website.

ISV Integrating Sphere Source Series
ISV series - Reference sources over 200 nm to 2500 nm

Enhanced temperature range and new model for high temperature extended area blackbodies

Please check out our new ECN100 brochure with an enhanced temperature range on ECN100 H6 and H12, featuring a true radiometric emitted temperature up to 600°C. Also available now: a new model of high temperature extended area blackbody, the ECN100 VH6, emitting at up to 800°C over a 36 inches2 surface.

ECN100 N20 High Temperature Extended Area Blackbody
ECN100 N20 High Temperature Extended Area Blackbody