April 2017 - Spynel

Human detection range up to more than 8 km with SPYNEL-X IRST

With more than 150 sensors in operation around the world, the SPYNEL series is a proven passive and innovative solution for the automatic intrusion detection and recognition over any wide area of several miles diameter. Indeed, the benefits of SPYNEL panoramic infrared cameras have attracted the attention of security managers of critical infrastructures for a decade. To name a few:

  • Operational: within 5 minutes, SPYNEL is fixed atop a building or a light mast, is connected by 2 cables to the PC and to the power supply (main or battery). Surveillance can start, over 360 degrees, more efficiently than with a complex network of CCTV cameras.
  • Effective: based on detection with a high thermal sensitivity, SPYNEL detects all types of threats (terrestrial, maritime, aerial), including those with low electromagnetic signature, such as small boats (inflatable or wooden) or drones.
  • Automatic: the CYCLOPE software, supplied with SPYNEL, automatically tracks threats over 360 degrees, pinpoints the intrusion zone on a situation map, and can slave zoom windows for target recognition. A single screen is enough to simultaneously display a 360-degree global vision and specific zoom windows for threat recognition.
  • Undetectable: Unlike radar, SPYNEL does not emit any signal. It can not be detected or jammed. It does not disturb the existing electromagnetic environment.

Find out more about SPYNEL benefits on our website.

In order to consistently offer more services to security operators, HGH is frequently developing the SPYNEL range, with both software and hardware innovations. Several CYCLOPE plugins (AIS, ARPA, ADS-B, NMEA, PTZ ...) enable the complete integration of thermal alarms in security architectures including multiple heterogeneous sensors. On the sensor side, HGH first expanded the entry-level catalog with the SPYNEL-M, dedicated to the surveillance of industrial sites - such as power stations and water treatment plants, solar and wind farms, warehouses, car parks... And more recently, HGH has pushed the detection range on the Spynel-X: integrating the latest-generation focal plane arrays, with a 10μm interpixel pitch, the SPYNEL-X wide area surveillance system can detect a human being at up to 8.7 km. In addition, with the latest developments in detector coolers, it is now possible to double the operating time of these systems.

Spynel-X long range IRST
                          SPYNEL-X IRST : human detection range up to 8.7 km

New CYCLOPE v4.3: configuration wizard

CYCLOPE is a powerful software that automatically detects and tracks intrusions on high-resolution panoramic images provided by SPYNEL infrared cameras. CYCLOPE analyzes the captured images and highlights any suspicious movements, over 360 degrees, or inside user-defined zones of interest, in real-time. A variation in thermal contrast over a few pixels is enough to trigger a track start. This wide area surveillance solution is therefore effective regardless of the type of target: drone or stealth aircraft, RHIB or speed boat, man or vehicle.

To take advantage of all CYCLOPE benefits, parameters can be configured to adapt detection capabilities to the application under consideration: size and type of targets to be detected, required detection and recognition ranges, site perimeter length and building configuration, climatic constraints, to name a few. The general user interface of the software is also configurable: number, type and position of zoom windows, configuration of classification bookmarks, choice of colors of tracks are among some of the many different options available to configure.

With CYCLOPE v4.3, the operator can save all these configuration parameters, in order to reload them, on another CYCLOPE station or after applying a different configuration for another application. This function highly increases operational speed in case of surveillance projects with multiple SPYNEL sensors, or for mobile applications, with a SPYNEL fixed to a vehicle moving to different points of a site, with variable environmental conditions. Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about the new features of CYCLOPE v4.3.

New Cyclope version v4.3
           CYCLOPE V4.3 speeds up 360-degree surveillance commissioning 

Air targets: identification with CYCLOPE ADS-B plugin

The SPYNEL/CYCLOPE tandem is a versatile solution for wide area surveillance, on land, at sea or in the air. For aerial threat detection and tracking applications, HGH has developed SPYNEL panoramic camera models with a vertical field of view up to 36 °. In addition, the optical head of these sensors can be tilted, for the surveillance of flying targets around a critical site at 360 degrees, over miles. The SPYNEL/CYCLOPE system can detect a low temperature difference between the threats and the sky background. It can track any type of aircrafts: drones, microlight aircrafts, hang-gliders, single-engine airplanes, jets, fighter or stealth aircrafts, and airliners.

CYCLOPE ADS-B plugin is an add-on to integrate the ADS-B information broadcasted by the planes. These data include, but are not limited to: aircraft identifier and accurate location. At operator request, the ADS-B data can be fused to the thermal tracks automatically displayed by CYCLOPE on SPYNEL panoramic images. The operator can select to display both tracks, thermal and ADS-B ones, or only tracks not identified by ADS-B data. In addition to the recognition capabilities of targets in the high-resolution images processed by CYCLOPE, the ADS-B plugin can quickly assess the clearly identified aircraft.

Check out this feature in the video below. You can also download the CYCLOPE brochure.

               ADS-B plugin : thermal alarms and ADS-B data, fused in CYCLOPE