Sept 2016 - T&M

HGH and EOI Merger: Extended Product Line and Service Offerings

On June 20th, HGH Infrared Systems, American subsidiary of HGH Systemes Infrarouges, based in Boston (Massachusetts), acquired Electro Optical Industries, based in Santa Barbara (California), the world pioneer of electro-optics test instruments, since 1964.

The two companies join their strengths for the greatest benefit to our customers. Sharing the same values of the strongest commitment to client satisfaction, this merger leads to a significant extension of our portfolio of reliable, high quality photonics and infrared systems with high technical performances.

As for the photonics test equipment, we can now offer the widest product range on the market, over the widest spectral range, from UV to far IR:

  • Blackbodies: a wide range of IR reference sources (differential blackbodies, extended area blackbodies, cavity blackbodies, cryogenic vacuum blackbodies) over the widest temperature range, from 100K to 1350°C.
  • Integrated sphere sources: Reference sources for the calibration of sensors on UV to SWIR wavelength range.
  • Collimators and Universal EO Test Benches : HGH can provide advanced integrated test benches for the characterization of visible and IR intensified cameras and goggles, laser systems, multi-spectral instruments and focal plane areas. Our modular solutions can match all customer applications.
  • Automatic Night Vision Test Bench : transportable bench for the automated test of goggles and cameras in the field, with unparalleled repeatability and ease-of-use.
  • Electro-optical test software: reliable software to run an exhaustive list of test routines for a full characterization of camera performances: noise tests (NETD, fixed pattern noise, temporal noise), spatial tests (MTF, FOV, distortion), detection/recognition/identification range tests (MRTD, MDTD, TOD), alignment and harmonization tests ....
The widest product range on the market
The widest range of photonics test instruments

With this merger, HGH strenghtens its position as a world leader in EO test instrumentation. It will give us the opportunity to increase our worldwide presence, improve customer service and continue our innovation efforts, with flexibility and modularity of design, to offer products with the highest performance matching client applications .

Focus on the Wide Range of High-End Infrared Camera Test Benches

Since the early 80’s, HGH Infrared Systems has provided the widest range of IR test benches, with the best performance, to laboratories and sensor manufacturers.
Our standard range of IRCOL projectors fulfills the requirements for an exhaustive and accurate characterization of most visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR sensors.

IRCOL Series - Infrared camera test benches
IRCOL series - High-end infrared camera test benches

The standard range of IRCOL projectors, featuring clear aperture from 100 mm to 400 mm, and focal length from 750 mm to 2500 mm, can be equipped with HGH's broad set of infrared reference sources, with high emissivity, uniformity and stability over a wide temperature range, visible and NIR sources, and laser rangefinders testing tools. The custom-designed targets, in a removable individual mount with high re-positioning repeatability, enable users to perform a complete characterization of IR, visible and NIR cameras: noise tests (NETD, fixed pattern noise, temporal noise ...), spatial tests (MTF, FOV, distortion, resolution), detection/recognition tests (MRTD, MDTD, TOD), alignment and harmonization tests.

HGH also offers an exclusive test bench operating in a climatic chamber, reproducing in-field conditions in labs: it operates at temperatures from -50°C to +70°C and features a high wavefront flatness independent from the ambient temperature.

In addition, IRCOL flexible design can be complemented with various options to meet any requirements: motorized target wheel, for test automation; adjustment of the optical axis direction in elevation and in azimuth, for mechanical vs. optical axes harmonization; reflective targets for background temperature control. Custom optical apertures, focal lengths and target patterns are available upon request.

HGH at SPIE Security+Defence in Edinburgh (september 26-29)

For the first time, HGH Infrared Systems will present its complete Test&Measurement product offering since the merger with Electro Optical Industries, at SPIE Security+Defence conference and exhibition, in Edinburgh (UK), on stand #306.

In addition, Catherine Barrat, head of the Test and Measurement product line, will give a lecture, at 2:30 pm on September 29th, about the improvement of the resolution of the spectral response measurement of IR CMOS Focal Plane Arrays by using a Fourier Transform Spectrometer. This new function is part of HGH’s complete and universal electro optical test bench, the BIRD 210 designed to accurately test IR detectors for a multitude of standards..

Come and meet us at SPIE S+D to discover the complete metrology service we can supply to universities, research labs, electro-optics manufacturers and test centres.