Nov 2016 - Spynel

SPYNEL-S in High Seas Mission against Asymmetric Threats

Since October 6, 2016, l’Adroit, an Offshore Patrol Vessel developed in equity by DCNS, European leader in naval defense, and made available to the French Navy, has on board a long-range infrared surveillance system, Spynel S-6000, designed by HGH Infrared Systems.

Since 2011, l'Adroit has conducted numerous missions against illegal practices and risks at sea: Area monitoring, fight against piracy and terrorism, fisheries policing, fight against drug trafficking, environmental protection, humanitarian aid, search and rescue.

Back from a maritime surveillance mission off the Greek and Turkish coasts, l’Adroit will increase its capabilities against asymmetric threats through the integration of SPYNEL-S optronics sensor.

Indeed, the panoramic infrared sensor SPYNEL is a reliable, proven long-range surveillance system. It offers full 360-degree coverage in real time, up to the horizon, night and day, even in adverse weather conditions. Equipped with CYCLOPE, advanced software for the automatic detection and tracking of an unlimited number of targets, SPYNEL is a high-end surveillance system, particularly effective on tracking RHIB or small wooden skiffs, and even swimmers - all targets hardly detected by conventional radar. Mounted on an autonomous gyro-stabilized platform, SPYNEL provides situational awareness over 360 degrees, even in rough sea.

Installed on frigates for fight against piracy applications, on offshore sites (oil platforms, FPSO, FLNG), in ports or along coasts around the world, the SPYNEL sensors are proven effective maritime surveillance systems. They are also widely deployed on shore for automatic intrusion detection applications around sensitive sites (military camps, energy production facilities, pipelines, oil and gas sites, ammunition depots, prisons, airports ...)

Spynel - Asymmetric threat detection
 SPYNEL wide area surveillance system - high resolution, high sensitivity

Detecting & neutralizing malicious drones flights

On Friday, 18 November, the General Secretariat for Defense and National Security (SGDSN) and the ANR (National Research Agency) presented to officials and press several systems to combat drones. Part of this event, the SPYNEL panoramic thermal camera, integrated into the multi-sensor BOREADES system, demonstrated its capability to detect and track all type of drones.

The working Counter UAV systems are usually composed of three different phases: Detection of flying objects, Identification & threat confirmation, Reaction to stop the threat. Spynel is a major technological key component, already integrated in several Counter UAV systems worldwide for the initial and most important phase of early warning. Spynel is often described as an “infrared radar” : it provides the benefits of a thermal camera, visualizes threats day and night in total darkness, coupled with the benefits of radar as it automatically detects and tracks an unlimited number of threats in all directions at once.

For UAV detection, Spynel goes beyond other technologies’ abilities in terms of range and functionalities. Spynel, unlike radars, is completely passive and thus it cannot be jammed and it does not disturb the existing electromagnetic environment. It does not operate with a library “matching” mechanism, and therefore can detect even newly released UAVs, or modified commercial models. Thanks to its real time thermal panoramic video, the operator has got the ability to recognize several UAVs in different directions in case of simultaneous attack.

Please check out this video and discover the SPYNEL detection/tracking&recognition capabilities on a quadrotor UAV.

Drone tracking video

Focus on Cyclope software options

CYCLOPE is the automatic intrusion detection and tracking software analyzing the 360-degree high resolution images captured by the SPYNEL sensors. CYCLOPE effectively integrates a wide range of functions, optimized for wide area surveillance applications, among which:

  • Automatic detection and tracking of an unlimited number of ground/air/maritime targets over 360 degrees
  • Configuration of user-defined detection zones, according to the missions and potential threats
  • Real time panoramic display with unlimited number of views (strips, zooms, annular)
  • Visual, sound or pre-recorded message alerts
  • Recording & Replay of videos, with an easy-to-use Timeshift function
  • Ability to simultaneously recognize several threats and manually classify them with bookmarks, for post-analysis

In addition, a set of options can complement CYCLOPE for an enhanced security experience:

  • Client Licence: this option enables the display of data from a Spynel sensor on several remote PCs
  • Geolocation with Digital Elevation Model: topographic maps can be uploaded to offer an accurate geographic position of all ground targets, whatever the topography around the Spynel sensor is.
  • AIS Plugin: AIS (Automatic Identification System) data from boats can be fused to the automatic thermal detections, for an augmented filtering of threats.
  • Radar Plugin: this software module enables the display of radar data of maritime or ground targets in the thermal panoramic video, for an augmented filtering of threats.
  • ADS-B Plugin: displaying of ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) data from aircrafts in the thermal panoramic video, for an augmented filtering of threats.
  • ECDIS Plugin: CYCLOPE can send detected tracks to multiple Electronic Chart Display Systems (ECDIS) over IP.
  • Additional Plugin: CYCLOPE can receive, display and merge data from other sensors: sniper detection systems, seismic sensors, IFF, etc. A specific plugin can be developed for each type of sensor.
Click to play the video "AIS Software Plugin for Maritime Awareness"