Oct 2015 Spynel

CYCLOPE Version 3.8 is available now!

CYCLOPE is the automatic intrusion detection and tracking software analyzing the 360-degree high-resolution images captured by the SPYNEL sensors. The SPYNEL / CYCLOPE tandem is much more than a surveillance camera: this powerful combination provides unprecedented real-time security against conventional and asymmetrical threats.

CYCLOPE V3.8 Automatic Detection & Tracking Software

For nearly 15 years, HGH’s teams have developed advanced algorithms for detection and tracking of all types of targets: humans, vehicles, RIBs, jet skis, wooden skiffs (pirates), ULM, helicopters, aircraft, drones...

At a glance, CYCLOPE allows the visualization of multiple targets over 360 degrees. But much more than that, the CYCLOPE software can alert and report on all intrusions that an operator could not pick up by himself through simple observation. It also relieves the operator from scanning the image permanently and missing a target during lapses of attention.

This new release of CYCLOPE software is of course fully compatible with the latest HGH’s sensor, the compact and cost-effective infrared radar SPYNEL-M. It also includes new functionalities, such as:

  • New Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) monitoring capabilities
  • New cueing capabilities on fusionned target by a click in zoom window (data fusion from multiple sensors – AIS, ARPA …- is available from CYCLOPE v3.5)
  • New track display capabilities into replay/timeshift mode
  • New settings saving functions
  • New management of SPYNEL-S elevation and axis measurement
  • New operating guidebook in compiled HTML format

The CYCLOPE software upgrade, from older release to v3.8, is available for free. Please contact us for more information.

Hypervisor Icon CYCLOPE HYPERVISOR – the new superhero with IR eyes over multiple sites

Simply elegant: CYCLOPE HYPERVISOR centralizes data from multiple sensors offering a global geolocation of all events tracked by all SPYNELs of a common network, over one critical infrastructure protected by multiple SPYNELs, or over multiple sites around the world.


Whatever is your security network architecture, CYCLOPE HYPERVISOR automatically detects and connects to all CYCLOPE workstations and pulls up all relevant data:

  • Geolocation of all threats and sensors on vector smart maps, or custom local maps.
  • Each map can be automatically centered on a selected SPYNEL sensor.
  • Display of a table listing the last detected events, with their ID, location and timestamp.
  • The threat properties panel displays the targets infrared thumbnails, location and time information.
  • Easy creation of customizable bookmarks.
  • Display and filtering of tracks from different modules (AIS, ARPA Radar …).
  • The main zoom window on a local CYCLOPE workstation can be slaved and auto-centered by a click on a track on HYPERVISOR GUI.
  • Moving objects or sensor platforms can be localized on map, using NMEA-over-IP protocol.
  • The notification panel allows the user to configure sound alarms upon detection criteria.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information relevant to your specific application.

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