Oct 2012 - T&M

New release of the Blackbody selection guide !

For the last 30 years, the French company HGH, has been manufacturing electro-optical systems and testing, control and maintenance equipments. As part of its portfolio, HGH offers a wide range of blackbodies adapted to all applications which require high precision and high quality level IR reference sources. As an example, HGH’s blackbodies feature the widest temperature range available on the market.

To help you select the blackbody fitting your requirements, HGH has released its new blackbody selection guide. After studying this guide, you can ask for the latest issue of our Test & Measurement product data sheets or download them from our website (www.hgh.fr). You will then have the detailed specifications of our blackbodies dedicated to vacuum applications and full details of our new air cooled or fluid cooled blackbodies. On hgh.fr, you can also download the complete specifications of our integrated solutions for IR cameras and IRFPA characterisation, as well as data sheets for our Collimators.


HGH’s collimators for extreme temperature conditions

The complete testing of IR cameras often requires carrying out controls at very low or very high temperature environments. To meet such conditions, HGH offers special version of its collimators and blackbodies, adapted for use in climatic chambers. The unique structure of these collimators guarantees a wavefront flatness of ?/2 over the entire aperture, whatever the ambient temperature within the -50°C à +70°C range! Of course, as with all our collimators, these climatic chamber dedicated collimators are supplied with a wavefront map measured with an accuracy of ?/20.