Nov 2012 - Spynel

Vigiscan to perform maritime surveillance for Shell on FLNG Prelude

Shell wants to revolutionize the production of natural gas with the construction of the world's first floating liquefied natural gas facility, the Prelude FLNG. This major innovation assists in unlocking new energy resources offshore, with limited environmental and cost effects. A Technip Samsung Consortium will proceed with the construction of the largest floating structure ever built. It will be able to store a volume of liquefied gas equivalent to 175 Olympic swimming pools!

There are many challenges this project presents. Security is one of them. Alcatel-Lucent, supplier of the advanced communication system, chose SeaOwl VizIR, from Scrome, to operate maritime surveillance. This system integrates infrared panoramic cameras, one being the VIGISCAN from HGH Infrared Systems, to detect and track any intrusions, day or night, on 360 degrees, over several kilometers.


Vigiscan proved its efficiency as a wide area persistent surveillance system, specializing in the fight against asymmetric threats. Vigiscan surpasses conventional radars because of the added detection, tracking and identification of small skiffs and rubber boats, no matter the fog and precipitation levels, or sea clutter. Based on these performances, French Navy chose to embark this sensor on frigates engaged in the fight against piracy in the Gulf of Aden. Vigiscan also won successes in port surveillance applications, as it can display and monitor the full coast, on a single screen in the control room. On the FLNG Prelude, Vigiscan will detect and discriminate any intrusion, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

HGH and The Will-Burt Company Impressed Modern Marines

The Vigiscan was mounted on COBRA, the newly released mast from The Will-Burt Company, at the Modern Day Marine Show. The solution is a low profile surveillance tower designed for vehicles or to be deployed in the field.