May 2012

Test & Metrology products: new sales organization

HGH strengthens its sales organization, by creating a Sales Business Unit dedicated to Test & Metrology products. It includes Blackbodies, Test benches for IR cameras and IRFPAs characterization, Test benches for electro-optics instruments maintenance and radiometric devices. In association with our range of high-quality products, this allocation of dedicated and technically competent resources will provide the highest level of support to our customers.

US market insight

Boston, MA – May 2nd, 2012: Vanessa Couturier, General Manager of HGH Infrared Systems Inc., recently answered some questions on the company, upcoming changes and the North American market.

What have been HGH Infrared Systems major successes in the last few years? Our domestic sales are up 80% compared to last year. VIGISCAN, our full panoramic infrared camera with real time intrusion detection capabilities, was deployed in Afghanistan, along with a range of sensors mounted on 80 foot Wide Area Surveillance towers. We have also developed a camera-vehicle solution with a specific interface tailored for small touch screens that gave the operator the ability to orient himself in space while the vehicle is changing direction. We are securing a domestic regional airport where two of our cameras are enough to ensure the whole perimeter security at night: that's about 8 miles of fence line, with a required detection range of about a mile for each camera.

How do you rate the competition? Traditionally, 360 perimeter surveillance can be achieved different ways: fish eye cameras provide low resolution, low performance, distorted images while putting a series of cameras side by side to achieve 360 degree coverage involves image stitching (which is not always well achieved) and can be costly depending on the performance of the cameras. We are the only 360 camera solution on the market to provide a full single near-real time image of the full panorama with unmatched intrusion detection and tracking analytics.

What are your company’s plans for growth? We hired 2 people since January in sales and marketing and are adding an engineer to our staff in May. And we will be announcing in the next month 2 major teaming agreements with highly successful system integrators, on security market segment.

What can you tell me about any new products coming out? We just released the updated 3.0 software version, with a large number of settings which makes the use of our camera even easier than before. Our R&D team is working on future products, extending hardware and software capabilities.

How do you see the future of the industry? As we move forward, “cognitive” automation and the ability for a sensor to adapt to its surrounding in a highly flexible manner and use the environment in order to intelligently display information could tremendously help limiting the operator’s involvement in complex technology use. This level of smart automation will alleviate training challenges in the field and allow the warfighter to focus on more critical operations.

New awards

Washington, DC – March 22nd, 2012: HGH Infrared Systems is proud to be the winner of the 2012 Govies Government Security Award, in the “Perimeter Security” category. Announced by the Security Products magazine, this prize honors outstanding products, featuring key innovations to meet security market present and future expectations.

This Govie is not the last in the long list of HGH’s trophies. On March 27th, Thierry Campos, CEO of HGH Systèmes Infrarouges, received the Montgolfier prize, from the Physics Committee of the Society for the Encouragement of National Industry. It rewards HGH’s success in bringing a technological innovation to the market place.