July 2012

HGH, first winner of GICAT Export Trophy

Eurosatory exhibition, June 11th, 2012: HGH was awarded the GICAT Export trophy by the French Land Defense Manufacturers Association (GICAT). This prize recognizes HGH’s continued success in the US since 2008. In 2011, 30% of the company revenue was generated in the US market, mainly due to DOD contracts. In 2011, the US subsidiary’s revenue grew by 80%. 2012 is already very promising. Thierry Campos, President of HGH Infrared Systems, received the trophy from Christian Mons, GICAT’s president and Yves Blanc, Director of International Development for the DGA, French Ministry of Defense.


Christian Mons, Thierry Campos and Yves Blanc

Thermography: Take advantage of thermal warp analysis on kiln shell

HGH’s SIRCIM software, associated with KILNSCAN infrared line scanner, provides thermal warp calculation and display. This unique users’ friendly tool have been standardized in Europe by Lafarge, among other users. It enables to follow-up on:

  • Mechanical and thermal stresses in the shell and tires,
  • Load fluctuation supported by each pier,
  • Shell and tires out-of-round,
  • Thermal loading and construction stresses in the shell and the tires.

The evolution of the thermal distortion of the kiln is linked to process anomalies, such as unburnt material or evolution of coatings. With the Thermal warp data, operators can take actions, modifying flame adjustment or rotation speed, and quickly notice the reaction on shell distortion.


Screenshot of SIRCIM software

RCNV blackbody reaching stars

HGH develops and manufactures blackbody sources with exceptional performances for use in vacuum environment:

  • Extended area or cavity infrared reference sources,
  • Operating in environment from -200°C to 20°C,
  • Regulation temperature range up to 200°C,
  • Ultra high emissivity up to 0.999.

HGH delivered 2 cavity blackbodies RCNV to the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES, the French space agency). They were key elements in the calibration process, in long-wave IR domain, of SCARAB multi-spectral radiometer. Part of the MEGHA-TROPIQUES satellite launched in october, this spatial instrument aims to measure the radiative exchanges on earth. MEGHA-TROPIQUES will study the water cycle in a tropical atmosphere, in the context of a climate change. The first orbital calibrations confirmed ground test results, which is a very positive sign on Scarab capabilities.


Test of SCARAB with RCNV blackbody

Press review

SEABORNE ISR - article in the April issue of Tactical ISR Technology magazine: Vanessa Couturier, general manager for HGH North America explains the benefits of Vigiscan for maritime applications. Thanks to specific hardware and software developments, Vigiscan is especially well adapted for spotting any surface dangers, in real time over 360 degrees, even in darkness or bad weather.


Vigiscan on French frigate