Feb 2012

HGH Systèmes Infrarouges opens a new office in Singapore

Singapore – January 15th, 2012: HGH celebrated the opening of a new office in Singapore. This is an important step forward for HGH’s global sales strategy, following recent successes in the region, notably with VIGISCAN, the full panoramic infrared system for security applications.

“Business success in Asia conducted HGH in redefining its organization”, said Gilles Bonavita, HGH’s General Manager in Singapore. “As addressing such a huge market from Paris is not an easy task, the decision was taken to create a regional office in Singapore, focussed on the Asia Pacific region”.

“As far as development in Asia is concerned, Hong Kong and Singapore are the two classical alternatives”, he added. “Hong Kong is, first, the front door to China, a wide but complex country, already addressed by the HGH office in Beijing. Singapore concentrates the third of multinational headquarters installed in the region – China apart – and is equipped with efficient infrastructures simplifying the coverage of the continent”.

From Malaysia to Japan, HGH has a wide base of customers and prospects. The Singapore site aims to strengthen relations with final clients.


M. Olivier Caron, France's ambassador to Singapore, visiting HGH.