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HGH receives Henri Kummerman Award 2011

Paris, France - October 19th, 2011: The French Marine Academy awarded HGH Infrared Systems with the Henri Kummerman prize for its innovating contribution to merchant navy and yachting sector. This trophy rewards HGH's commitment in developing VIGISCAN, the world's only real-time, rotating-head, thermal imaging system for security and surveillance.

VIGISCAN, product of the year 2008 for NASA Tech Briefs magazine, and winner of Euronaval Innovation Award 2010, was designed to replace multi-camera systems by a cost-effective solution with higher performance for persistent wide area surveillance. This new recognition points out the benefits that this 360-degree Panoramic Infrared Sensor brings to maritime applications such as coastal vigilance, seaport security, fight against piracy, anti-smuggling, anti-collision or search and rescue operations.

VIGISCAN has been successfully deployed worldwide, with more than sixty units delivered to Defense and Security markets.

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HGH named Champion of Systematic cluster

Saint-Aubin, France - September 12th, 2011: Systematic Paris-Region Systems & ICT Cluster chose HGH Infrared Systems to be part of the 11 champions of Systematic Cluster.

This label recognizes SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) with high growth potential and is the first step of a strategic development program called SMEs Ambition. Through this program, which mission is to boost selected companies' expansion, Systematic will support HGH with specific actions in business, financial, strategy and export development.

This nomination strengthens HGH's development strategy around three axes: innovation, export development and continuous improvement.

Systematic Paris-Region Systems & ICT Cluster