May 2007

Extended area and high temperature blackbodies


Up to now, infrared camera users had to choose either large area or high temperature sources for calibration of their sensors.

Now, HGH offer one single solution combining both requirements: ECN100H series blackbodies. Their maximal emitting area temperature is +550°C for areas up to 300mmx350mm. As for their other blackbodies, HGH provide the latest innovative technology: touch screen panel for user-friendly manual control, remote control via USB / Ethernet / IEEE488 or RS232 interface, display resolution of 0.01°C, high stability and high thermal uniformity.

Test bench for infrared detectors


HGH have upgraded their BIRD optical bench for infrared detector characterisation. It is now equipped with a 16 channel acquisition unit for testing all available IR detectors on the market. This universal test bench (compatible with staring arrays, linear arrays or single-element detectors) also includes a new Bias Voltage Generator.

The latest software version enables remote control of the built-in infrared sources. Moreover, detector characterisation (temporal/spatial noise, spectral response, NETD, crosstalk, MTF, bad pixels...) is performed either for the complete IRFPA, or for operator selected zones, or for each single pixel.

OPC interface for industrial thermography

HGH offer an optional OPC interface for all their industrial thermographic systems i.e.:

  • Kilnscan infrared line scanner for rotary kiln shell temperature monitoring
  • Pyroscan pyrometric camera for combustion monitoring and high temperature measurement (inside kilns or industrial boilers)
  • Coolscan thermal imager for cement clinker grate cooler

That technology enables to transfer measured or calculated data to the Plant Digital Control System for process automation. Additionally, parameter selection is achieved through a user-friendly interface developed by HGH.