Many challenges arise from wide area surveillance. When security personal, soldiers or special forces are confronted to multiple intrusions, they should be alerted as early as possible for an effective action. One minute can reverse the situation.

The Spynel IR sensors were designed by HGH Infrared Systems to meet these challenges. Spynel and its automatic detection software Cyclope display and analyze HR 360° thermal images, in real time. The threats are automatically detected and tracked up to the horizon, 24/7, wherever they come from  (large airfields, wide desert areas around FOBS and compounds, land or maritime borders, ports, estuaries...)

Spynel 360° thermal cameras can be used as a standalone surveillance system or as an added of capability to your systems already in place!

  • Port Surveillance & Coastal Surveillance

    Ports, open water areas and coastlines constitute a particular target for terrorism and other criminal activities because of their economic importance but also because they are very difficult to secure.

  • Offshore Platform Security

    Oil and gas rigs constitute a preferred target for terrorist and criminal activity because of their economic importance and the difficulty to secure large water areas and open areas on land. Offshore rigs require maximum security due to their volatile and demanding environments. Protecting them from threats and ensuring safe operation are equally important.

  • Forward Operating Base Surveillance

    In theatre, defense and security forces often operate outside of developed areas and within isolated, high risk conditions. On these bases 24/7 surveillance is not easily executed but is vital to mission success and personnel safety. Threats are unexpected and can come from all directions.

  • Self-Protection of Ships / Antipiracy

    The security stakes are high for the sea operators. Ships remain very vulnerable at sea and even more at moorage: reduced crews, minimum vigil, and high isolation make cargos and super-yachts an easy target, especially  at night. A high number of attacks  are likely to come from all angles, by small wooden boats. Large volumes of attacks can be foiled by an early warning and taking  preemptive action before an attack occurs.

  • Vehicle based surveillance

    Vehicle based surveillance has increasingly become a sought after capability, whether for convoy and urban mission support or to help with crowd control efforts. Responsiveness to security threats while on the move is crucial. 360 degree situational awareness from inside a vehicle is conventionally impossible.