Many challenges arise from wide area surveillance. When security personal, soldiers or special forces are confronted to multiple intrusions, they should be alerted as early as possible for an effective action. One minute can reverse the situation.

The Spynel IR sensors were designed by HGH Infrared Systems to meet these challenges. Spynel and its automatic detection software Cyclope display and analyze HR 360° thermal images, in real time. The threats are automatically detected and tracked up to the horizon, 24/7, wherever they come from  (large airfields, wide desert areas around FOBS and compounds, land or maritime borders, ports, estuaries...)

Spynel 360° thermal cameras can be used as a standalone surveillance system or as an added of capability to your systems already in place!

  • Main Benefits Of The SPYNEL Infrared Sensors

    The 360° Thermal sensors going by the name of SPYNEL cover many different applications. Their advanced technical features allow them to be flexible and highly reliable.

  • Electrical Power Substation Perimeter Security

    Early detection is the key to preventing potential attacks on electrical substations from copper theft, vandalism, accidents and other activities that could disrupt the stability of the power grid. It has become crucial and even mandatory for utility companies to implement a perimeter security system that can detect and deter intruders approaching a substation

  • Mega Yacht Security: SPYNEL Camera on Board for Night&Day 24/7 Thermal Surveillance

    Private mega yacht owners with luxury floating assets have become soft targets for piracy and international terrorism. Modern threats come in all shapes and sizes, including divers, swimmers, RIBs, UAVs, which are currently not detectable by conventional security equipments such as radars.

  • Special Forces: How to detect without being detected

    Special Forces use the 360° SPYNEL-M sensor as part of their operations to deal with all unforeseen events. SPYNEL sensors are a world reference for their ability to rapidly detect security threats.